Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Click Around

I once watched one of those wedding ceremony programs, a few years before same sex marriages were legalized in Ontario. On this program was a segment on a same sex couple who were having a commitment ceremony. One of the men having the ceremony had a very supportive family, the other only had one cousin show up. Oh, how I cried for him. The exchange between him and his cousin was heartwrenching. Here is a set of photos of same sex marriages at San Francisco City Hall by Derek Powazek. Here is a love story by Michael and Fernando.

What is your "boiling point"?
Here is a segment from a show I've never seen. How long would you tolerate a waiter flirting with your date before you reached your boiling point?

I've always loved Diane Arbus. Her photos are haunting and voyeuristic. Here are some interviews with some of her subjects, way after the fact.

Here is Andy McKee via Mild, Mild West. He's pretty wonderful.

I've been fascinated with Inuit Throat Singing for a couple of years now. The whole idea of keeping this up until one of the singers stops makes my throat hurt. But then, after a little searching, I see that it's something that's done all over the world by indigenous peoples. Here's
Iqaluit Throat Singing, Mongolian Throat Singing, and Korean Throat Singing, and another of Iqaluit Throat Singing.

What is ghetto? All cultures have 'em. And while we're on stereotypes, how about this old Wendy's commercial?
Cynical-C forwarded the site, English Russia to me a couple of weeks ago and I love it!
Like this little compilation of Russian Big Brother. After a bottle of vodka, there's nothing like a good ass kicking. No?
North American TV needs to look to the East for reality's a lot more interesting.
Check out the Serbian version, 'Veliki Brat'. C'mon, you can't get better than that!
I've burned a lot of time watching Veliki Brat on's a laugh a minute.

You're FIRED! Courtesy of Kids in the Hall, and Daddy Drank.
My garbageman fantasy!

Now it's stuck in your head! Bwahahhahaha!

Keith Partridge really did have somethin' goin' on with Laurie! Gasp!

Remember the '80's? This is for you Rose!

I love Fawlty Towers. I always have, and I never get tired of the bits. For all of you who love it are: Don't Mention the War!, Mrs. Richards, and The Wine List. I especially loved how the sign in the opening credits would always favourite was "Flowery Twats".
While we're on British comedy, how about Elton John on Little Britain? Dawn French as Vicky Pollards mum, and while we're on Dawn French, Dawn is married to Lenny Henry, and he had his own show. Here's hilarious Mrs. Omokorede, Tanya Goes to Jamaica, and Tanya Does Her Driving Test.

That's all kids...