Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Tragedy

Apparently, a snooty NYC American Girl Place snubbed a little girl with a fake AG doll by refusing to do the dolls hair.

So while a lot of people in the above blog post are all up in arms about how horribly the child was treated, my jaw is not dropping because of jaw is dropping because there are fucking doll hair salons!

Of course you can't get mad at business people who exploit the spoilt and stupid.
People with more money than sense fuel a lot of industries.

This bothers me....but why should it?
Just because there are little non-American girls in a part of this world who are hiding in caves from bombs, and eating garbage after their 16 hour shifts dragging coal and rocks for 10 cents a day?

Because right now there is a non-American 11 year old girl sold into prostitution so her family can eat?
Because somewhere right now a non-American 8 year old is being sold into marriage.

What is my problem?

That's not some little girl in L.A. or New York's concern.
Why shouldn't we continue to cultivate insensitive, self-revolved little narcissists?
It's what makes us great!

Come to think of it....I used to take my doll to a salon too... was called "Radmila's First Cut is the Deepest".
All my dolls eventually ended up with the same dyke haircut.
Maybe it was because my mother was too cheap to shell out $20 and a trip to New York to get my doll's hair done right.