Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Click Around

Geiko has abandoned it's gecko for the Caveman. I kinda like him. Here's an interactive ad called "Caveman's Crib".

Chocolat is a new Canadian Magazine, and since I'm now looking to paint a bedroom in the near future, I'm looking at these kinds of magazines.

Here's a little colour game that is supposed to tell you something about your personality. It was mostly wrong for me, maybe you'll have better luck.

I re-found this little Former YU ad for Radenska Mineral Water that showed all the diverse parts of the former YU in less than a minute.

Here's a clip from Chinese Candid Camera.

Remember The Newlywed Game? Here's a clip from what looks like the 70's with a ditzy contestant that gives blondes a bad name.

Since I've been watching Monty Python clips this afternoon, I thought I'd share some with you. Here are: The Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook, Party Hints with Veronica Smalls, and Hitler in England.

And that made me think of Goodness, Gracious, Me...which I also here are: Bharat Homes, Great Train Journeys of the World, and The Marriage Emporium done in the style of Monty Python's "The Cheese Shoppe" sketch.

Here's another Phony Photo Booth video. I love these.

Here's a collection of images From Henri Cartier-Bresson done to Edith Piaf.

And while we're on Edith Piaf, here she is singing La Foule...and while we're on foreign singers, let's spend a little time with one of my favourites, Cesaria Evora singing Sodade.

That's all for now.