Thursday, March 22, 2007

But I wanted a WHITE BABY!

I read this article about a white couple who are suing an infertility clinic because they had a significantly darker child than they signed up for.

I'm assuming that they didn't want the general public to know that they even had fertility treatments.

“While we love Baby Jessica as our own, we are reminded of this terrible mistake each and every time we look at her; it is simply impossible to ignore,” state Supreme Court Justice Sheila Abdus-Salaam's decision quoted parents Thomas and Nancy Andrews as saying.

“We are conscious of and distressed by this mistake each and every time we appear in public,” the judge quoted the affidavit from the Andrews as saying.

This comment from the mother of the child distressed me.

The comments on the article are interesting.

Now, altruistically, we can say..."Oh MY GOD!!! What a couple of racists!" as many in the comments have done.
As I initially did...but then, I put myself in their shoes.

Firstly, let me get something out of the way...I wouldn't/didn't do fertility treatments.
I'm not with the messing with nature thing.

But say I did, using the same kind of logic that brings you to a fertility clinic in the first place. A person willing to pay enormous amounts of money to be inseminated with sperm from a checklist that they've agreed upon with the clinic (brown eyes, Caucasian, etc), because (I'm assuming) they want to pass this child off as the offspring of the woman and her husband...Assuming because otherwise, why wouldn't they just adopt?

I mean, in that case, you're not going to go around after the baby is born telling people that you were inseminated with someone else's sperm, are you?
Presumably, you didn't go around telling everyone that you were inseminated in the first's none of their business.

Then, when the baby is born...everyone thinks you've had a baby by someone else and your husband looks like a cuckold..(yes, it's an old word)

Let's turn it around so that we don't look at it from the angle of the Grand Wizard.

I, as a white woman married to a black man...say...we paid over 40 grand in treatments, and I went through procedure after procedure, and finally I get pregnant with what I think is going to be an interracial give birth to a white child...I dunno.
It's not what I signed up for.
It's not what we paid 40 grand for.

Listen, if you're willing to pay money, and make specific requests around what you'd like your baby to look like, I suppose you can sue a company who didn't provide the service.

There are issues around birth children who don't look like either of their biological parents in skin tone.
South Asians, and black people deal with it regularly...yes, yes...I know that it's inherently because of white people, but that doesn't preclude it's existence in those communities.

Racialicious takes a look at that in this article.

Let's hear how you can be transformed into a racist with an innocent comment.