Monday, March 19, 2007

Two Things...

The Fall of Lord & Lady Black.

The fangs and talons are out.

All those snotty remarks that were made over the years are not forgotten by Canadians, and now the media is chewing them up and tearing them down.

She (Amiel) eulogized the wealthy in her increasingly snobbish published ruminations; he allegedly stole from his Byzantine empire to maintain the pretense of their billionaire-ness. They were really, it now appears, merely millionaires, struggling to keep up with the Kravises and the Goldsmiths.

Oh, how the envious and the loathing have feasted on their spectacular downfall.

No one seems to have forgotten all the arrogant, and uppity things both of them have said over the years...Amiel, once to Vogue Magazine in 2002 said; "my extravagance knows no bounds." and refers to herself as Lady Black of Crossharbour.

The press is taking you down...down to Chinatown Babs and Con.

I understand that Sir Black wants to be Canadian again.

and then...

In another article on the front page of The Star "Coming Clean on Medical Mistakes".
I didn't read much of the article, but the picture speaks 1000 words.
How much does that little boy's body language say?

I wonder how people manage when they lose a child.
How horrible it must be.
How soul consuming.

When do you decide that it's time to focus on the living?