Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fashion Cares. No. Really. They do.

"This season, we created a jacket that is pleated so there is very little waste in the fabric itself. When we started the label, we began with recycled pieces and that has always stayed with us."

I imagine that most fashion houses have always made sure that they used every inch of fabric, and it has nothing to do with being green. It has to do with money, not ecology. I notice that Al Gore and his "An Inconvenient Truth" has become the fashion and entertainment world's darling...the Michael Moore of green, only slimmer, and more fashionable.

Then there was Georgina Franki:

"Fashion Nation uses caribou hides that have been tanned using traditional methods. All parts of the animal are used, including the bones for sunglasses, boasts designer Georgina Franki. Skins are bought from native men, who hunt and trap for a living."

I'd like to see PETA just try to take on a Canadian First Nation designer.
Just try it and see what happens.
I'd actually pay cash money to see that, just to see PETA get their ass kicked.

The Dad Name Game

I often don't care for Ellie Tesher's advice.
She used to do a mother/daughter talk radio show (both are counsellors or something) but I've found their advice and the two of them rather flaky.
Ellie has a column in The Star and recently gave some flaky, new age explanation on why a couple of kids refuse to call their biological Dad "Dad". She suggested that the "kids" (21 & 18) might not want to hurt the feelings of their Stepfather.


She ended up having quite a response from readers.

I concur with one reader who said:
"I wonder would you be that quick to diminish a mother from being called Mom in similar circumstances? I doubt it."

...and another who said:
"What has likely happened is that the children have been made to feel guilty for calling their father "dad," and perhaps have even been alienated from their father somewhat. Some parents work long and hard to alienate kids from the other parent."

Angelina adopts another child.
"The child's name is Pax Thien Jolie, said Trevor Neilson, Jolie's adviser on international affairs. Pax means peace in Latin, but Neilson said he didn't know whether Jolie had chosen it for that reason."

I'm not even going to harp on this celebrity trend of petlike adopting of foreign children. I've said it before and I'll say it again. North America has poor children of colour too Angie.