Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Click Around

Post Mortem Photography is nothing new. Victorians did it back in a time when photos weren't taken every 5 seconds, and because it might be the only photo taken of the person ever.
Our family did it years ago, and I have pictures of my grandparents tombstones. I can't imagine what it is like to lose a child, and while some might find the thought of taking photographs with your stillborn child is a little macabre. I don't.
The black and white photos on the website are heartwrenching and beautiful.

The photo to the left is one from Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, an organization of photographers who take beautiful photos of families in bereavement. Most of the photos are of family with stillborn babies.
I think the father in the photo to the left says it all.

Of beer and taxes.

Krysss of sent me "Advice to Young Men From an Old Man". This is some good advice. Too bad that youth is wasted on the young, and most young people think they know everything already.

Gino the Guinny, is a little kid who was put up to this character by his cousin or uncle or something. Stereotype 101.
But he's Italian, so I guess he's free to do it. I didn't watch the whole thing because after a couple of minutes I just wanted to slap his uncle or cousin, or whoever put him up to it.

BoingBoing did this post on "Homeowner Holdouts".
I often drive on the outskirts of Toronto and see the few farms or houses that are surrounded by new development and wonder about the "holdouts". The people who just wouldn't sell their land to developers. Then, I'm reminded of Scadding House.
When the Eaton Centre was being planned, I remember it was a big deal that the developers wanted to tear down Holy Trinity Church, Old City Hall and Scadding House to make way for the mall. I was in grade 5 when my teacher, Mr. Edison as well as many other schoolchildren "walked"
to raise money to stop them from tearing Scadding House down. Local groups stopped the demolition of Holy Trinity and Old City Hall, and the developers ended up building around Scadding House.
Now, the courtyard around Scadding House is THE most charming thing about The Eaton Centre.

Points of Interest has some interesting history about some of the old buildings in and around Toronto.

I got a kick out of this...but it's in Serbian.

I once watched a documentary on Tourette's Syndrome, and was fascinated.
This is a lovely little PSA on Tourette's with some very articulate little sufferers.
Here's a video about movement disorders by Dr. Les Lenet. I hope you find this as interesting as I did.

Here's Sylvia Plath reading Lady Lazarus.
Here's whatzername pretending to be Dorothy Parker with a quazi British accent reciting Interior, one of my favourite Parker poems. She does it so badly, that it's laughable.

Now for the's the whole "Definite Article" with Eddie Izzard, and the entire "Person" with Demetri Martin. Demetri had me until he pulled out the guitar...then I tuned out. I'm not fond of comedy that takes that turn.

Then, I accidentally found Catherine Tate and lost my mind!
Here are a bunch of links to her skits...(I have a special soft spot for her "Nan" character).
Northern Oirish Boy.
Nan has Polish "Help".
Not Drunk Enough.
Lauren/The English Teacher.
Lauren/The French Teacher.
Tempura Veg.
Lauren Cooper's Wedding.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

That's all.