Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Developers building condos on Toronto transit lines will now have to buy every unit a TTC metropass for a year in order to obtain condominium approval from the city, a policy critics say comes at a high cost and without proof people will use it.

No...but, for real...City Council is determined to drive (no pun intended) developers and businesses out of this city.

Councillor Howard Moscoe, however, believes it “will cause people on transit lines to abandon their cars.”

He pushed the initiative forward, which passed council without debate. The policy states the cost of the metropasses cannot be passed on to the condo buyer.

Oh, yeah...I'm sure that will totally be the case.

The TTC has exhausted the rider, our taxes...and now new condo owners, and developers are going to have to throw money into it's bottomless pit of bad management as well.

OMG...I can't believe what a shithole this council is.