Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Mister and me went to the ROM today and took the subway for the first time in a few years. I was disappointed at how dirty it is.

When I compare it to say Madrid, or even NYC...for a small subway system, the TTC is embarrassing.

The missing ceiling slats in all the stations we were at, the absolutely gross coffee shops (went in to get a coffee at Bathurst subway station and turned on our heels. Newspapers all around one half of a table. It looked like someone pissed there and they couldn't be bothered to mop it up)...By the Way Bakery at Bathurst station looks like it needs a hosedown compared to what it looked like just a few years ago.

At Yorkdale subway station, we went to buy tickets..just as we got to the wicket, the attendant closed it, looked at us, pointed to the hand written sign he was holding in his hand, shoved it above the mouth piece, and turned his back on us.


It's just sad.
At 3 bucks a trip in January.