Sunday, August 06, 2006

Almost Monday Click Around

Here's a link called Crazy Weddings. The photos are not all that crazy, but I guess if you're talking seeing them in a wedding album, they would be crazy. They look more like outakes.

Ever think about freaking your guests out with food?
Well then, feel free to take this recipe and make a Meat Cake. Yes. A meat cake made with meatloaf, ketchup and mashed potatoes for icing. I wouldn't leave it out too long though.

Chav Scum is dedicated to all things Chav. Here's a little documentary on the Chav in his/her natural habitat. We call them Hosers (ok...they're not exactly Hosers...), Americans call them Trailer Trash, Brits call them Chavs.

I'm not a fan of
Jackson Pollock. Sorry. For those of you who think he's a genius...whatever.
Create your very own Jackson Pollock here, and voila! You're an artist too!

I took this "Are you a good eyewitness" quiz.
Ehrmmm, let's just say that you'd better hope that I'm not a witness to any crime.
I suck.

50 Years of World Press Photos is someplace I spent a lot of time. It chronicles 50 years worth of "Photo of the Year" award winners.

I know a few people who could ace Guess Which Movie, but I'm not one of them. Almost every movie they featured in this test was not seen by moi.
See how well you do, and if you do well...don't tell me about it.

Speaking of movies, if you want to see a trailer of an upcoming movie, go to Trailers and watch them. There are a few I'm interested in seeing, but probably not at the theatre. We recently saw Miami Vice and let me just say that I was convinced that Foxx and Farrell forgot how to act. Seriously, they should be paying YOU to go see it.

Do you think you're a poet?
Language is a Virus has a Poetry Generator just for you (plus some ads with jiggly chicks on the sidebar).

That's all for now, guys...