Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What happens in a polygamous cult, stays in a polygamous cult

Warren Steed Jeffs is finally caught in Las Vegas.
He apparently led The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ, and is accused of arranging polygamous marriages between older men and underage girls.

Pimpin' for Jesus, evidently.

"But his life on the lam ended Monday on a dark stretch of highway north of Las Vegas, thanks to a routine traffic stop and a vigilant Nevada Highway Patrol trooper who thought things didn't quite add up."

"Trooper Dutchover had been patrolling the stretch of northbound Interstate 15 near Apex the night before when he came up behind a new red Cadillac Escalade with no visible license plate. Dutchover pulled over the vehicle about 9 p.m. and almost immediately knew something was amiss."

Well, Warren knows what kind of ride he needs to be a pimp, huh?

There is nothing more despicable to me than sociopaths who use religion to exploit others. Specifically children and women.

I hope he's passed around like a bitch in prison, if not for punishment, then just to teach him empathy for those he exploited.
The punishment is ok with me too, though.