Tuesday, August 29, 2006

TTC Getting "Bossy"?

It seems that you just can't win.
Apparently, the TTC is posting signs all over the place reminding people to mind their manners.

What a terrible initiative!

"We are speaking of the apparent outbreak of control-freaky adhesive orders now posted on subway doors urging riders to mind our manners — edicts rivalling any explosion of laneway graffiti in their viral spread and approaching the Ten Commandments in the extensiveness of their Shalts and Shalt Nots.

"Be Safe and Considerate." "Do Not Charge or Hold Doors." "Do Not Lean Against Doors." "Mind the Gap.""

It's been years since I've had to take the TTC regularly, and I've got to tell you, when I do...I long for the comfort and fresh scent of my car.
I think this is a good thing...to remind people, often people who have no manners at all...to consider others.

Yes, A pregnant lady needs a seat more than your gym bag does.

I thought you rode a bike as a mode of transportation...why are you jabbing people in a crowded subway or bus at rush hour with it?

Spitting is disgusting. Spitting on the subway floor is revolting.

You know that small child you're carrying on your back disguised as a backpack?
Take it off when you get on the train, so you don't knock someone unconcious with it when you decide to turn around.

Moving your entire house? Save up for a cab next time! Or wait until rush hour is over.

Should it be surprising that a city the size of Toronto has many mannerless oafs travelling on Public Transit?
It shouldn't be, and whether the signs make a big difference or not, the effort to remind people is there.

Image: Toronto Views and Landscapes