Monday, August 21, 2006

Will it go round in circles...

This morning I was in a local Laundromat drying camp kids t-shirts like I do every Monday (Don't ask).
The Laudromat was busy, and everyone was either folding or loading their washing when one young man waiting for his clothes to dry changed the channel to CNN.
Bush was making a speech and everyone was listening, while folding or separating...two people, a young woman, and the young man that had turned on CNN were watching and listening intently.

Then Bush said:

"...and we will continue to fight to bring democracy to the world..."

The whole Laundromat stopped, and collectively groaned.
I've never been a party to something like that before, where a room full of strangers all react, the same way, at the same time...spontaneously.

The young woman who was watching intently said, "What a stupid man"...someone else said "Gimme a break", another said, "That's right...force democracy down peoples throats, that'll work!".

Somebody get him out of office before he gets us all killed.