Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Passion of Love Turns the Brain Soft

This morning, on the street where I work, there were signs pasted all over poles, and fences.
Someone took a long time to post all of these signs on bright yellow paper.
I was sure that someone had lost a pet.
I focused on one of the signs, and read what was on it.
There was a picture of a young attractive woman, and underneath the photocopied photo, were these words:
"DO YOU KNOW (the girls name)?
She's the Argentinean whore that stole my husband.
Tell her to send that "idiot" back to his FAMILY"
Now, a few questions ran through my head after reading this.

If your husband leaves you for an "Argentinean whore", why do you want him back?... and if she's a whore, and he left you for her...what would that make you?
And where's the picture of him?
He's the one who ran off on his family.
Why would you post your business out on every pole down a street?
Because if they know her, then they know him, and if they know him, then they know YOU... you stupid moron.

Truly, love can make people soft in the head.