Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"John Ball, retiring president of the International Mathematical Union, said he had travelled to St Petersburg, Russia to meet Perelman in person to try to understand his reasons for declining the award.

Professor Ball said he had spoken to Perelman of personal experiences with the mathematical community during his career that had caused him to remain at a distance.

"However, I am unable to disclose these comments in public," he said, adding: "He has a different psychological make up, which makes him see life differently."

Manuel de Leon, chairman of the ICM, said: "The reason Perelman gave me is that he feels isolated from the mathematical community and therefore has no wish to appear as one of its leaders.""

Rough Translation:

"Fack YU, yu exklusiff akedemik preeks! Keep yu effin' maney and buljshet priz, and keez mai ess, Mit da cherry in da krek."

Link via: Neatorama