Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bullshit is as Bullshit Does

The other weekend, The Mister and I were in a high end furniture store.
We saw a chair exactly like chairs we bought a year ago at Costco.
In this high end furniture store, one chair was double the price that we paid for two.
Our conversation went like this:

Me: "It's the exact same chair"
Him:"Maybe it's because the leather is better quality"
Me "It's not any softer than ours, I can't see the difference"
Him: "Maybe it's because the legs are made of better wood"
Me: "Maybe it's because this is a rip off"

This kind of thing drives me nuts.
People think that because they buy something from a high end store that it's better quality, which isn't necessarily the case.
Many people are swayed by the name, and then can say that they bought something at a swanky store.
But, I looked this chair over from top to bottom, and it was even made in Czechoslovakia, just like ours were.
I can't be convinced that this $495.00 chair isn't the same chair we got for $125.00.

Buyer beware.