Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday CLiCk Around

Square America is a site with found or bought vintage pictures of strangers. I'm fascinated by these kinds of sites because when I look at pictures like that, I imagine people's lives by clues I find in the photos.
I know. I should have better things to do, and I do...but I still like doing it.

In the same vein, I found Stripper audition polaroids from the '60's and '70's over at Cynical-C.
Some of the ladies look pretty roughed up, but then it wasn't really a time for "natural" make up and hair either.
Still, the photos are intriguing.

Fluid Effect is another photo site that has some great before/after touch up photos. Some of celebrities and some of ads. There is a copyright policy that you must agree to before you can view the portfolio.
It's worth looking at.

While we're slightly touching the topic of celebrities, Movie Cliches has a list of things that always happen in the movies. Some of the these are amusing.
While we're on the topic of cliches, do you have trouble finding the right cliche?
Cliche Finder can help you find the right cliche for the moment.

Here are the results from my Personal DNA Test. I was pretty impressed. They did a relatively good job as far as online personality tests go.
I found this over at Getting On.

Panoramas dk has panoramic views that you can navigate with your mouse. I've chosen The Eiffel Tower, but there are many views to choose from. From Times Square from the top to a cremation in Bali to a Mosque in Istanbul.
It's really a pretty cool site.

And then, last but not least, I happened onto National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website, and spent quite a bit of time pouring over pictures of missing children and runaway teens.
It's thoroughly depressing to read the circumstances under which many of these children went missing.
Many from their own homes, in their pj's and no shoes.
Parent abductions, and abductions under suspicious circumstances.
The teen runaways are especially sad. 14 year old girls "may be in the company of an adult male", and in some cases photos of the wanted adult male.
So many of the missing runaways are "in the company of their infant daughter" or son.
Fourteen year olds running away with their infants.
The descriptions of many of the children make me sad. Twelve year olds with body piercings and tattoos, and children of their own, running away "in the company of" 26 to 30 year old men.
There are so many children neglected, and in circumstances of life that you, and I will never comprehend, but they endure.
Children forced to be adults by their lack of fortune.
What a downer I am, huh?

But, should have a look, and see the proof that we're close to Armageddon.
Life is cheap.