Tuesday, August 29, 2006

North America's Insecure Girlfriend

"A travel magazine says Toronto doesn't stand out as a travel destination, behind Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver and Victoria"

All this incessant whining about Toronto not being on some travel magazines list of cities that are worth visiting makes me laugh.

It's a great city...it's a beautiful city in many ways, but does it have beautiful architecture?
Ummm, not really.
City planners are in love with tearing down the old and putting up new glass structures with no character.
Oh sure, they'll keep some little, schmeezly piece of facing or something to keep the historical society off City Councils' back, but they'll just bulldoze down beautiful old buildings rather than restore them.
In the end, they're cutting out the heart of our history as a city.
Old architecture and history is what makes every great city great.
It's one of the reasons that NYC is great.
It's one of the reasons that Quebec City, and Montreal are great.

Toronto is decidedly functional.
Toronto means business...and then when some article comes out saying the city isn't in the same catagory as some others where beauty is concerned, everyone freaks out like an insecure girlfriend who gets told she's got to dress up a little, put on some make up or something.

I think that perhaps city council needs to start looking at this seriously.
And stop tearing down every beautiful old building because it's just too expensive to restore to it's former glory.

There's only so many skyscrapers that are impressive, after that...eh, it's just another glass structure that birds can fly into and knock themselves dead on.