Sunday, August 20, 2006

Angelina paranoid?

I read This today and chuckled.
It doesn't matter how "hot" you are.
A betraying cheater is a betraying cheater...and there are women just like her out there who don't respect other women's relationships.

She knows this, and deep down knows that she's susceptible to the same end as the woman she usurped.

I'll find this quite amusing, if it's true.

Doesn't matter how "hot" you are, hooking up with a man who can publically humiliate a woman he claimed to love, is still a man who is capable of doing the same to you.

Women are stupid in this way.

But, a person who will act on base wants without thinking of how they're affecting others will not exclude you from this fate.
I'll enjoy watching this play out.
Call it schadenfreude.

I don't care.