Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday CLick ArouNd

So, since we're winding down the turbo part of the wedding season, I thought I'd link to a couple of interesting wedding sites...."Nooooooooooooooo!" You cry...but it's ok.
I'm not a big poofy wedding fan myself. Ask my Sister in Law. She had a Wedding Binder while she planned her wedding. Every time I saw that burgundy binder, I could feel myself slipping into a coma.
For those that know me, they know that our wedding was small. Our annual BBQ is about 3 times bigger than our wedding was. What can I tell you?...I didn't have the fantasy when I was a little girl.
I just might have been a guy in my last life or something.

Anyhow, Vintage Weddings shows a nice progression from normal "I'm getting married" garb to current psycho "I paid 5 grand for my dress...this better be perfect, bitch!". It goes up to the 1970's. I suppose that's when that psycho-Bride trend really started to take off.
A wedding can turn a normal woman into a crazy lady.

World Wedding Traditions covers a lot of different "ethnic" traditions...a lot of them, but not Serbian (natch), so here are the links from a while ago that I took from American for Hire.
They cover the traditions of Serbian Weddings from the The Grooms House to the Brides House.

Old People are Funny is a collection of nutty things old people have done that has been reported in the news. Some of the stuff is pretty crazy, but I guess no crazier than some of the stuff I've read about that younger people do. I suppose those whacky youngsters grow up to be loony oldsters.

The Mister and I were out at lunch yesterday and got to talking about old Kung Fu movies.
I got stuck on a particular actor that was in a lot of them. I couldn't remember his name...and because I'm an OCD freak, this bothered me until The Mister remembered that his name was Jim Kelly, along with his partner in those movies, John Saxon.
That got us talking about old Blaxploitation films from the 1960's and '70's.
The other day, he vetoed my purchase of Cleopatra Jones.
I know that those movies were exploitative, and were negative stereotypes...but at the time, they were super cool! They were the "Gangsta" movies of that time. And now, the fashion statement can't be beat. When we look back at the outrageous styles of the '70's, we totally look back to those movies.
The women were pretty hot, I mean, that can't be denied...Tamara Dobson? Pam Grier?

Dolemite was co-written by Rudy Ray Moore, who ran with the character as a stand up comedian long after the movies stopped being popular.
In the spirit of Rudy Ray's sense of humour and ability to poke fun at his character, here's The Pimp Builder. You can dress your own little pimp...but you need shockwave to do it.

Do you need to know the time in another country, right now? Click here.

Quiz Section:
Burn some time playing Trivia Challenge like I did.
A lot of time, actually.
Because it was pretty easy, and I like the self-esteem boost.
I've done this Colour Quiz a number of times and it's kind of interesting.
Here's another colour quiz it's also kind of interesting.
This quiz is called "Photos you like better" and is supposed to tell something about your personality by the photos you choose. It said that I was a guy...which might explain the wedding thing... However, you'll get Carpal Tunnel before you get any answers.

Are you worried that the way that you lace your shoes has become boring and trite?
Then check out 31 ways to lace your shoes, and break out of your humdrum, boring lace routine.

That's all guys...

Oh yeah, I'm guest hosting at Mr. Anchovy while The Anchovies are in Calgary this week...I'm guesting along with *(Asterisk).
You should check him out too.

That's all.