Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Guess the movie...

It's one of my favs

John and Sonja are not allowed to play...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Public Service Announcement

Ever been in line behind someone who takes up a lot of space?

Someone who is ahead of you in line, say at the bank...or the grocery store...or the lunch counter...and every time you think they're about to be done and go away, in fact...you think they're gone forever...but then, they come back and jump in front as though their spot at the head of the line is permanent?

The person who walked away from the Bank Teller that comes back and interrupts your transaction to ask a question or query their transaction as though they shouldn't have to wait politely until you're done?

The person who butts in line at the grocery store to "just return this" or just inquire about some groceries she left there yesterday?

The person who comes back for "oh, just another double, double", instead of lining up again?

Have I ever been this person?
Have you?

Found at: Bob from Accounting


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hey Laaaaadies....think about that tattoo!

Tatoo Remover - video powered by Metacafe

Swing Blade

Is Whitney on the comeback trail?

I hope so.
I really do.

Divorcing Bobby has obviously done wonders for her.
She looks like her old fabulous self.

She looks like an 180lb weight has been lifted off her shoulders...wait...it has!

For more great pictures of Whitney, check out YBF.

Go Whitney!

Sunday Click-Around

I've seen the photo on the left floating around the net for the past couple of weeks, but I first saw it on LiveJournal Images.
It's a site that collects the last 40 images that were uploaded to LiveJournal. Sometimes I just scroll through looking at pictures, and sometimes I find something interesting on the site that posted the picture I thought was interesting.

My Cubicle is a lament from an office worker who works in a cubicle farm. I haven't done that for a long time, but to be honest, I didn't hate it.
At least people more or less left me alone.
Now, it's my dream to be left alone to do my work.

To be honest, I can't remember where I found Nathaniel Welch's photos. But, I really like them.

I was thinking about The Flatiron Building here in Toronto, and how much smaller...but prettier it is than the New York Flatiron which got me looking for other Flatirons around the world.
I didn't spend a lot of time on it, but I'm confident that almost every large city that is older than 100 years in North America, has one. While I was looking at other Flatirons, I found The Greatest Hits of Architecture. It's a nifty little site with a lot of pictures of great buildings from around the world. It's worth looking at.

The Epiphany Project is right up my alley when it comes to Web "Projects".
I really enjoy reading other peoples thoughts. It's interesting to get insight into someone else's beliefs or feelings. I think most of us who have had to grown up have had a life changing epiphany at one time or another. I would love to read yours. Maybe then I'll tell you mine.

In the same vein is Take Note, where you can read notes that strangers have left online. For themselves and others. Sometimes it's helpful to throw a thought out there into the wild internet. A thought that you could never say out loud.

Here's an animated version of the old Farmer and The Donkey story. which reminds me a little of a story that Uja told me a long time ago about a man who tried to please everyone. Here's one version of that story.

Here's a site that appeals to my shallow side.
Gossip, celebrities, and just general stupidness about rich people.
There are very few magazines that I buy, one is Vanity Fair, because I just love the dirty stories of the rich, and Toronto Life...for local dirty stories about the rich.
I'm bitter.

Like Mama says: "Maney isn't everytink, but it mek da misery mach mor comfortable".

That's all.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I finally found it...

The other night, The Mister and me were out and about, and we stopped by a video store that had an extensive classics section. Whenever we're in a shop like that, I look for two movies: The Rose Tattoo and Madame X.
This time I was lucky enough to find The Rose Tattoo.
The first clip is one in which Serafina (Anna Magnani) is commissioned by Estelle (Virginia Grey)to sew a rose coloured silk shirt for the man that she loves. Serafina at this point has no idea that that man is her own husband.

Tennessee Williams is one of my favourite writers of drama. He was racy and complex, and sad, and sordid.
I watched The Rose Tattoo when I was 15 on the late late night movie, and I never forgot it. I always wanted to see it again, and never had the opportunity...until I found it in the classics section.

The second clip is one in which Serafina (Anna Magnani) whose husband dies in a truck accident, under shady circumstances is tortured by the rumour that her husband was unfaithful to her.
She storms the club in which the other woman works to confront her.

In this clip, according to IMDB, there are a few familiar faces amongst the extras.
As Serafina storms by the men on bar stools, Tennessee Williams himself can be seen sitting at the bar in a striped shirt. The man beside him is producer Hal Wallis. The shorter man in the white shirt standing directly behind Estelle (actress Virginia Grey) helping to restrain her is Frank Merlo - William's long-time companion and lover.

Anna Magnani's English was sparse and she really brushed up during the filming. She's fabulous in this film and won the Best Actress Acadamy Award for her performance as Serafina Delle Rosa.

I love this movie.
It's one of those movies that reminds me why I love the raw and seedy like B-Movies of the '40's and 50's so much.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Rush is up in your business...

I had fun with this picture of Rush Limbaugh.
I found this eyeball applet at Cynical-C.
Or just click on the picture.
Go make your own and lead me to it...LOL

A Campaign is a Campaign.

Michael J. Fox is exaggerating his Parkinson's symptoms, and allowing himself to be exploited, according to Rush Limbaugh

I'm sure that Michael J. Fox is just workin' that Parkinson's for his evil agenda for stem cell research.

Rush needs to sit his ass down and STFU.

I saw the ad, and I've read that Michael J. has done ads for Democratic Representative Benjamin Cardin, running for the Senate in Maryland, and Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, who is seeking re-election. He's also done ads for Arlen Specter a Republican Senator from Pennsylvania.

The criticism around this is ridiculous.
It's clear to me that Michael J. supports stem cell research for obvious reasons, and he's behind any politician who supports it.
Why shouldn't he be front and center with it? He's a public figure who can remind people that not just Parkinson's, but an accident or disease that may be helped by stem cell research, can happen to anyone.

What makes me laugh is that many people who are against stem cell research for "ethical" or "religious" reasons, citing cloning and "a life for a life" type thinking would likely think differently if confronted with Parkinson's or an accident that severed or damaged their spinal cord.

Much like the Fundamentalist (insert religion here) who is against abortion until her 14 year old daughter gets pregnant.

The Toronto Star has the full original ad, as well as the counter ad.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


At my recipe blog: Papamo

Am I the only one who thinks that Stephen Ledrew gets his fashion sense from Gordon Sinclair and Pierre Berton?

While we're on Pierre Berton, watch The CBC Monday Reports' "How to roll a joint, with Pierre Berton"

And while we're on candidates, Adam Giambrone is really involved in his community. He's all over the place, and I have no doubt that he'll be re-elected in Ward 18. It's still highly populated with immigrants, and hipsters...and the NDP is popular with those groups.
I really like him. He's a really nice guy. But, whenever I see him...I think he could have stepped out of an old Archie comic.

Tell me I'm wrong.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Via: Glacia

And then another I found:

I wasn't buying the Dove Campaign, but I'm sold now.

Stupid things that cross my easily amused mind:

Brothers from another mother?
I could have thrown a young Ben Affleck in there too, but it would have been overkill.

The other day, The Mister and I saw a woman carrying a little dog who was dressed to the nines.
I've decided that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I'm coming back as a lap dog.
Oh sure, I'll have to sport a stupid bow in my hair to keep my bangs out of my eyes. The upside is that I'll be carried around, get to wear designer jackets, eat out of Lalique crystal and get regular spa treatments.

It would kinda be like coming back as a hairy Debutante.

Two Bitches and a Howl

Bombardier just axed 1,330 jobs, and will dole out 31 million (US) in severance.

Didn't Canadians just bail them out?
Didn't we just make a deal to spend millions to give them the contract for the subway cars instead of getting more bang for our buck by going with a European company?

Bombardier is clearly one of the sacred cows of this country.
No wonder our transit system is shit. We're pissing our money away on companies that can't stay afloat because they're bloated with over unionized employees, and know they can depend on the Canadian taxpayer to bail them out whenever they look like they're going to nose dive again. Them, and Air Canada...Jeeezus!

The mud slinging continues in the Mayoral race, and any mud hitting Miller is ok with me.
His stupid ideas continue to make me marvel, from the axing of expansion of the Island Airport which would have eased some traffic problems, and congestion...to do what? Appease a few hundred people living on the island? It cost us millions to break the deal...for what?
Holy Mother of Pearl....islanders need to get with the idea that Toronto is a big city, and they live just a little way across the water from it.
I hope that Porter Airlines buys even more planes with the money they got from Millers' incompetence. Porter Airlines just expanded, and I say GO GO GO with it Porter.
His idiotic idea to take down the Gardiner Expressway because it's an "eyesore" is so stupid it makes my head hurt. You know what's an eyesore? All the fucking luxury condos right on the lakefront so that you can hardly even see the lake anymore, period. From anywhere. Unless you're standing by the lake...and many of those condos are now starting to gate access for their residents only...so, yeah. It's still about the Gardiner.

The Gardiner is still a prettier drive than the 401, and we're not talking about taking that down for esthetic reasons.

Pitfield says that Miller is anti-905...he's not just anti 905, he's anti North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough...well essentially anti anything west of Dufferin, north of St Clair, or East of Woodbine...over the past four years, he's proven to be at the level of City Councillor for a downtown ward...certainly not Mayor material.
Torontonians need to take that broom of his, and sweep his ass out of office.

And last but not least, A newsstand owner in Philadelphia refuses to stop selling, or cover the porn he sells, and put up a sign saying he'll rape anyone who complains about it.

That's a cutting edge idea.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I have a bittersweet relationship with Robin Williams.
I'm not a big fan of his comedy, but I love him as a dramatic actor.
I guess he kind of solidifies my belief that comedians are some of the most introspective people alive, and perhaps mostly not all that happy.

I loved him in The Fisher King.
I managed to find a clip of Robin and Amanda Plummer from that movie.
The World According to Garp, and especially in Moscow on the Hudson.
The scene where he is drunk, and homesick, and talks about Russians and their love affair with misery...because it's the only thing that is truly theirs, because no one else wants it.
What can I tell you?
I'm a Slav.

I loved him in Awakenings, and Patch Adams...and Mrs Doubtfire.
He was especially creepy in One Hour Photo...and of course his role in Good Will Hunting (which was partially filmed in my old High School)

His portrayal of gentle and ethical characters are very touching to me. He is superb at demonstrating sympathetic and caring men. The love of which, I must confess is a weakness of mine.

And while I'm not a big fan of his frenetic, and fragmented comedy.

I am a big fan of his wretched soul.

"... and the tower bells chime, "ding dong" they chime..."

I was reading this article on CBGB's closing on October 31st, and Patti Smith being the last act to play there.

Apparently, The Bowery Residents' Committee has failed to renew the lease.
I can't be sure, but I'll wager that the BRC has been working on that for a long time.
Can you imagine the noise level and commotion coming from a punk club?

Anyway, I'm looking at pictures of Patti Smith and I'm vacillating between cringing at how time has ravaged her, and respect for not giving a shit, and in not making any effort not to look like Howard Stern.

Patti was never a pretty woman, but regardless of whether a woman is pretty or not, it's still nice to see an effort being made to maintain some sort of attractiveness...be it style, hair, clothing...something to show that you haven't been lying in a park bush with cats sucking on your hair all night.

I was never a punk, and didn't like punk music, didn't participate in the punk "movement". So, CBGB's closing down means nothing to me...but I had to laugh when I read that the owner has indicated, "plans to relocate the club to Las Vegas".

Las Vegas.
Las Vegas.

Legendary punk club.
Isn't that the ultimate sellout?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Click-Around

Feeling frisky?
Decode your name with the Sexy Name Decoder. Mine is Ravishing. Amorous. Dame...oh, I can't be bothered...you can do your own here.

I saw the article on Montreal Photographer Francois Brunelle and his Doppelganger project in The Globe a few weeks ago, but now I see that it's linked to all over the net. Go Francois!

Yesterday I mentioned Belinda and Peter, and the whole Dog-gate thing. While looking for headlines, I found an interesting, and (I feel) accurate little biography on Belinda Stronach at Enjoy Every Sandwich. If you're interested in a woman who is taking full advantage of her looks and money. I must say that while I'm not terribly fond of Belinda anymore...in the beginning I had hope...but she's also a victim of the double standard. Men behave the way she does all the time, and are perceived as studdly. So, while I disagree with the double standard, I'm also pissed off at Belinda for fucking up an opportunity for a woman to make it into the leadership race. She has the money to fund her own campaign, and could have been taken seriously...but, eh...stupid is as stupid does.

Ugly Overload is Cute Overload's unattractive sister. Life must have a balance, no?

On the Road to Alang is a website about where old cruise ships go to die. They're taken apart and everything is sold. I'll tell you that I would love to have the opportunity to buy some of the stuff I see in the photos.

I found Monkey Portaits over at Cynical-C last week. The portraits make the monkeys look like hairy humans. I can see why some people think that monkeys would make good pets, but then I remember reading about monkey attacks, and thought I'd post that link too.
You decide whether a monkey in your house is a good idea.

My friend Anna sent me this lovely link on Portraying the Serbian Soul: Byzantine Sacred Art.
It's quite beautiful, and I'll be spending more time on Svetlana's blog in the near future.

Last but not least, I watched Beautiful Girls last night for the gazillionth time. I'm not sure what it is about this movie that I like so much. Some of the vocabulary just doesn't fit the characters...but, there are scenes in this movie that just hit home with me. This is one of them, Natalie Portman's character as this amazing little girl is so Lolita-ish, but innocent.

The scene with Timothy Hutton and Uma Thurman in the ice fishing shed, Michael Rappaport's monologue on beautiful girls.
It's winter, and it's night time a lot in this movie, and if you're Canadian...even if you hate snow like I do, there is something very beautiful, comforting and serene about a snowy winter night.
It's just one of those movies I can watch over and over again.
It has a nice feel for me.
You should watch it.

That's all, my friends...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Every Dog Has It's Day...

Peter MacKay calls ex-girlfriend Belinda Stronach "a dog" in Parliament.

I've been checking out the headlines for "Dog-gate".

Fur Flies in 'dog' debate

MacKay in doghouse over Stronach slur

'Dogged' by contraversy

Belinda not laying down

Political debate has gone to the dogs

Mackay refuses to throw Stronach a bone

MacKay continues to be dogged by his comment

Stronach licking her wounds

Who's your doggy?

Putting the MAC in MacKay

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Give a dog a rest

Stronach barking up the wrong tree

It's a Dog Eat Dog world out there!

A boy and his dog

Stronach sniffing around for an apology

The Bitch is back

Rick Mercer & Me...

I love Rick Mercer.
Last night, thanks to some friends, I got to go to the taping of The Mercer Report. The Mister couldn't leave work early enough, and met us for drinks later. He missed a good show.

Hopefully, after his Talking to Americans thing, they won't want him, and CBC will keep him forever.

I love this Flu Shot PSA of his.

Do yourself a favour and watch it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

ID thief steals home...from his mom!

This guy couldn't wait for her to die, so he stole the house out from under her.
From what I read in the article, this woman has spent her life bailing his ass out.

Jail his ass.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Penn & Teller

Cynical-C was after me for a long time to watch "Bullshit", by Penn & Teller.
I must admit that I'm now hooked, and luckily Google Video has the full episodes available for viewing.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Eat it


Feng Shui & Bottled Water

March of the Emperors

For the person from Poland who was searching for "Fat cooks and hoors"

I'm certain you meant hor's deurves.

Here you go...

News Flash: Space is American

President Bush has called dibs on outer space.

According to The Toronto Star:

"WASHINGTON—U.S. President George W. Bush has quietly signed a new National Space Policy that asserts his country's right to deny access to space to anyone "hostile to U.S. interests."

So, now the megalomaniac catch phrase should be changed from "Today ___________, Tomorrow THE WORLD..." to "Today the world...tomorrow, the UNIVERSE!"

Weapons testing in space, anyone?

My Evening Giggle

The Mister is watching a Halloween Horror Movie downstairs in the basement.

He comes upstairs laughing uproarously:

"When a Catholic Priest runs out of a house screaming, you know it's fucked UP."

Sunrise, Sunset

Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favourite movies.
I must admit that many Jewish traditions ring familiar to me.
The music, the general sentimental-ness.
This movie always, always is a tearjearker for me.
Tevye's village could be my Majka's village.
Which is probably why my mother cried all the way through whenever we watched it...which was whenever it was on.

While re-watching this segment, "Sunrise, Sunset" I noticed that the bride was holding a bunch of rosemary springs. This is traditional at Serbian weddings.

"The herb rosemary is the symbol of remembrance and fidelity and has been used for centuries in weddings. During the middle ages all elegant weddings used rosemary as a favor for the wedding guests. Sprigs were dipped in gold, tied with a ribbon and presented to guests. It symbolized that although the bride and groom were leaving their friends and family to start a new life, they would never forget their loved ones".

It makes sense.
Rosemary, not just for Thanksgiving stuffing.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The rights of the few over the preferences of the many...

"Reports say that the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be held during Ramadan, the most holy month in the Islamic calendar. In 2012 Ramadan will take place from July 21 to August 20 and the 2012 Games run from July 27 to August 12. It’s anticipated 3,000 Muslim competitors would be affected".

I seem to remember a few years when some of the biggest competitors didn't compete for political reasons.
If you're a devout Muslim, wouldn't you just not compete?
Didn't Sandy Koufax sit out the first game of the World Series in 1965 because it was Yom Kippur?
(I can't believe I just posted obscure information about sports...)

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of the tail wagging the dog thinking.
In my perfect world, majority rules.

Should a 1/4 of the competitors dictate when the event is held?
Where would it stop?
Would there be any time of year when there isn't some special consideration that needed to be addressed, and rescheduled when you're talking about a global event?

Checking the Multicultural Calendar, I noticed that there are 27 holidays from various cultures and religions that fall between July 27th and August 12th.

I think we should just cancel The Olympics altogether.
It's only fair.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I told you all that I'm taking an Accounting Course.
It's kicking my ass.

So, most evenings, you'll find me at the dining room table reading, and this is how it generally goes:

These accounts are from the Adjusted Trial Balance columns in a company's 10 column work sheet...Pork or chicken tomorrow? We haven't had pork for a long time...oh, shit...I'm not focusing...These accounts are from the Adjusted Trial Balance columns in a company's 10 column work sheet...Where's that black top with the ribbing...I haven't seen that black top for a long time...did I pack it away?...oh, shit...I'm not focusing...These accounts are from the Adjusted Trial Balance columns in a company's 10 column work sheet...

You get the picture.
It's killin'.

Pity me.

Todays Pointless Pondering

Why is it that when a woman repeatedly tells me that her husband "spoils" her, do I immediately suspect that she's neglected?

Monday, October 16, 2006

ALT-ernative Humour

Evidently, someone over at the Globe and Mail website has been messing with the ALT tags on the site.

What's an ALT tag?
"So what's an ALT tag? This is a piece of optional code that is attached to an image, providing a textual description of the photo or graphic. It's often included for visually-impaired web browsers in an effort to extend accessibility. Normal web browsers don't display the code if the image is available, so usually the only way to view it is by scanning a web page's source code".

"Hidden in the source code of a Chanel photo (pictured) is the comment, "Is getting your sweatshirt stuck halfway over your head the new look? Because I can totally pull that one off.""

"Other photos include text such as "Fashion models know all too well the pain of the wedgie" and "Apparently, throwing on your husband/father's white shirt is now high fashion." One image that shows a model's nipple is accompanied with the text, "Is it chilly in here, or is it just me?""

HIL-arious...who says the Globe is all stuffy?

Schadenfreude Watch

Apparently, Brangelina have started to do movie projects together.

Never mind the controversy about Angelina playing a bi-racial woman in the film.

Could it be that Brangelina are heading down Drop Dead Fred Avenue?

Penn/Madonna Road?
Bennifer Boulevard?

Eh, they would have to work together to keep an eye on each other.
Neither of them can be trusted not to screw around with their co-stars.
Let's see whether they get tired of each other before they ruin each others careers.

Rich People Amuse Me: Installment #2

Do you absolutely have to have "exquisitely crafted Swarovski Crystals" in the bottom of your glass?

Does your water have to say cool Jazz, like George Benson?

Do you need to roll around nude with your bottle of water, and if you're a chick, balance it on your ass?

Then Bling H2o is for you.

At $35 a bottle, it should be able to play George Benson when you walk into a room, and doors should fly open on their own like you're in a rap video.

Frankly, when I look at that bottle, it makes me think of drinking JLo's perfume:

But really, people are taking this shit seriously...it's in magazines and everything.

Found and laughed at, at: neatorama

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lemon Meringue Pie at Papamo

Sunday Click-Around

The Director Who Films Your Life Test...Apparently, Sofia Coppola would direct mine.
My life story would be, "70% romantic, 25% comedy, 36% complex plot, and have a $ 34 million budget".
It didn't cost 34mil to friggin' live it....Hmmm, who would play me? Sandra Bullock. The Mister? Forest Whitaker (I love him).
Take the test, and then tell me who would play you and your leading man/lady.

If you have a ton of time, check out Word Association.
You most certainly can spend a long time typing in words that pop into your head. You could be typing forever....

Ok, since there is no direct link to what I want you show you...you have to navigate your way though 120seconds.com. It's a CBC link, so it doesn't surprise me that you can't link directly to what you want. (Sorry CBC, I love you...but you think like unionized government employees).
So, go to 120seconds.com, click on the "giggles" tab, and then click on the Alt.comedy Lounge icon. Check out the following Stand Up Comedians: Pete Zedlacher, and Rob Ross. I'd never heard of them, but they're funny.

This Church Sign website
seems to be doing what organized religion types do best. Criticize. The website is dedicated to correcting and/or criticizing those roadside church signs with the little sayings and slogans.
It's actually kind of funny, in a superior, nitpicking at scriptures, kind of way.

I like this guys art.

That's all


So, there I was...doing a simple search on Barbara Stanwyck, when I was tossed down the tunnel of Hollywood lesbians!

Stay with me...it started with her, and led to:

Marlena Dietrich, which led to...Ona Munson, which led to...Greta Garbo, which led to...Mercedes de Acosta, which led to...Tallulah Bankhead, Isadora Duncan, Maude Adams, and Adele Astaire (Fred's Sister)

To Claudette Colbert, to Joan Crawford, to Billie Holiday.

I must say that Mercedes and Garbo certainly were busy "spreading the love", if you know what I mean....

The question now is: Was anyone straight?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I vant to be alone...

I vant to be lyink on da chaise longue, an smoke da cigarettes.
I vant to boz mai manservant aroun an mek him bring me da bon bons, an bekaz I am lyink down...I vill vear dis shoes.
I vanna ver da silk kimono, mit mai hair an mekap to be perfekt.

I don vanna go to da Valmart, an da grocery stor.
I don vanna clean da hous, an kook da dinne.
I don vanna run da....how yu say.....errands.
I vanna hev, how yu say...."peopl" to do dis for me.

I vanna say "bazz aff, responsibilities!", "Kiss mai tuchas, obligatshons! Go avay! Leave me alon!"

I vanna bi like Greta an Marlena touday.

Cool Dancing

While busy in the kitchen this afternoon, I was irritated by the doorbell ringing.
"Ugh. Salesperson..." I thought.

I got to the door and could barely see the person through the glass, they were so short. It was a nervous little boy.

I opened the door and he flicked his long, dark bangs out of his eyes and stuttered out:

"Sppponsser me?"

"For what?"

"A Ddddance...athon"

I have to smile.

"What kind of Dance-a-thon?"

"Dddancing fffferalongtime...ttt'cool music"

Would you have been able to say "no"?

I didn't think so.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Life is like a movie...

The other night, I was in line to buy gas.
I had to back in to the bay, and wait for the empty vehicle's driver to get out of the way. It's amazing how 77.3 a litre can draw a crowd of people like they're giving it away for free...anyhow...

There I was.


A cab pulled up in front of me and stopped. A guy in his late 20's or early 30's ran out of the store/coffee shop/lottery ticket outlet/gas station, and looked straight at me, put his hand on the door handle and stopped.
He lifted his other hand slowly, and waved.
He was staring at me.
I was uncomfortable, but I smiled a polite smile.
He got into the cab, never taking his eyes off of me...
I'm looking at him like "ok, buddy...it's enough now...".
He was looking at me longingly.
Like a puppy.
As the cab pulled away, he slowly put his thumb to his ear, baby finger to his lips and mouthed "call me".


Now, I really wonder who he thought I was.
What the story behind his reaction was.
Did he think I was an old girlfriend?
Did he think that we'd met somewhere before?

Then, this morning... I stopped at the bank, and there were two cars parked in the parking lot drivers side to drivers side. When I got out of my car, I noticed that there were people in both cars.
A black man in the red car, an Asian woman in the white car.
They had their windows open and were talking.
She was crying, and upset.
It was drama...but, you know...I had to keep moving...What do you think was happening there?

Sometimes life is like a movie.

When bloated heads collide...

I hate Oprah, and I hate Bono.
Both self-righteous, over-rated and superior, self-appointed world conscience...Oprah and Bono will now get together for charity.

I know...it's horrible of me to make fun of them.
They're doing a good thing...and that's true, but I don't care.

I can't stand either of these two superior attention whores.
It'll be a challenge to get their swollen, self-important heads through the door...all that's missing is Bob Geldoff, and then they can lecture the world on how everyone should be doing things.

Here's a website dedicated to hating Oprah, which is pretty amusing...and just to be fair, here's an essay on why Bono is a self-righteous ass.

Urban Dictionary on "Bono":

"To save the world with everybody elses money"

"A Bland irish Musician in the band U2, who helps third world countries, yet also stars in apple ads, to help just make that trade margin between the rich countries and the poor countries just that little bit larger, but dispite that little minor hypocrisy there, bono has daft looking glasses,is incredibly pietistical and writes not necessarly talentless music, but has the keen ability to write the same song, over and over again, and Just for anyone goes "your stupid bono isn't self rightous....", and i quote from the golden oldy of a rocker, "I don't know why, but we always had this belief that there was something sacred about our music, that it was almost holy.""

There's plenty more...

Urban Dictionary on Oprah:

"A god to the Middle-aged Stay at Home White Women tribe, who's word is law to said tribe"

"Example of what happens when the a super self-important rich woman has too much time on her hands"

Here's Oprah being interviewed...Tell me that she's got a realistic view of herself and her minions.
She hasn't lived in the real world for over two decades.

I can't stand either of them.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Reel them in Keiko!

"Hello my name is Keiko and I live in Tokyo in Japan. I have a nice apartment in Ochanomizu and you are welcome to stay with me if you are UNDER 35 and YOU ARE NICE LOOKING and YOU ARE WHITE. You can save your hotel cost (a lot in Tokyo!) and we can have fun! – but ONLY if you are a white guy. I do not want asian men, sorry."

So, do you think that when you get your pasty American ass over there, instead of cute little Keiko waiting to boink your brains out...there are 3 or 4 scrappy Asian guys with brass knuckles and gold teeth waiting to rob you, kick the shit out of you and harvest your organs?

Really...she wants you, stupid white boy.

The rush to blame anyone but the mother in the Campione case begins.

So, now reports of Children's Aid involvement in the case of the mother who murdered her two young children, and how:
"Inquests have shown that time and time again, child-care workers identify too closely with the mother's needs to the detriment of the vulnerable children involved".

The fact that:
"Ms. Campione and her husband, Leo, whom she had accused of assault and threatening, were going through a bitter custody battle. As a result of those unproven charges, Mr. Campione was under a restraining order that prohibited him from being alone with his children".

Once again, the bias on behalf of the mother, regardless of how unstable...is at work here.

To blame CAS workers is a bit of a stretch for me.
Social workers have to go by the information that is available to them.
Through the courts, and the control of information through Lawyers.

Now, after the fact, we can interview the neighbours, and family friends, and the father, and the inlaws...and we're listening.
While the custody case was in full swing, and the children were alive, I'll bet cash money nobody gave a shit about what the father, or his parents had to say about the mum's mental stability.

Now, it's Children's Aid's fault that she killed them, because they didn't work on behalf of the father. Meanwhile, child custody laws are slanted in favour of the mother...even if she's crazy.

So rather than look at that big and messy problem in the courts regarding custody, and rights...it's just much easier to blame the peon Social Workers for carrying out the job that their hands have been tied by the courts to do.

That's right.
It's fucked up.

I said it.

This morning while going through my "coffee and online news" ritual, I ran across this post on YouTubers at Cynical-C.

In the little segment, one of the YouTubers says that YouTube is like crack, a bit of an addiction. Well, for a people watcher like me, it totally is.
People are interesting. The reasons that they post video blogs is sometimes interesting, sometimes stupid, sometimes funny, and sometimes very thought provoking.

Take for example a YouTube poster who goes by the name of Mr. Pregnant.
For the most part, his video blogs are just him being a jackass, and for me mostly unwatchable....but, on occasion...he can be quite provocative.

Take for example his video blog called: "I am White"

He rants about the gulf between West Indians and African Americans.
This is something that is quite seditious.
Mr. Pregnant pulls out all the stops in this video blog and engages in an angry, sardonic jab at African Americans.
Really way out.

And then comes back in reply to the angry comments with "What is Racism?" that is really worth watching.

This kind of thing is what makes YouTube so fascinating for me.
People. People. People....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rich People Amuse Me...

Apparently, Burger King bought P. Diddy a channel on YouTube.
This is where you'll be able to see all the stupid mundane shit that Diddy decides that you should see about his upcoming whatevers.
Before that little video, when do you think was the last time Diddy stepped into a Burger King?
15 years?

He was dressing like the Burger King at parties for free.
Burger King didn't need to buy him a thing.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Childless Revolution

More and more people are choosing not to have children.
It's interesting how many people view couples who choose not to have kids.

DINKS (Dual Income No Kids) are often viewed as selfish, or simply not normal. I think women often get the most criticism for deciding not to have children.
The assumption is that there is "something wrong" with a woman who's not interested in being a mother.

Frankly, I have more respect for a woman who realizes and admits that she's not up to the task of being a parent, than for the woman who has children, and doesn't take the job seriously.
The reality is that there are many reasons that women end up with children, and it isn't always because they love and want them.

While childless groups are now on the rise, many people view these groups as "anti-kid".
But, the groups I've read about are more concerned with having friends who choose their lifestyle and aren't judging them, as well as advocating for "childfree" venues.
I ran across this broadcast from 2004 aired on a Boston radio show discussing all sides of the coin when it comes to having, and not having children.
It's a 45 minute clip on RealPlayer, and it's worth listening to.

Parents and Non-parents are interviewed for their choices where children are concerned, and not so surprisingly, there are many couples with children who are advocating for "childfree" zones.
They state that there used to be places where people could go without having to deal with fidgety children, now even The Opera or bars are allowing children in.
One parent stated that when she and her husband pay a babysitter $14 an hour to get away for some "adult time" and go to a pricey restaurant for dinner, they don't want to deal with your child running up and down the aisles between tables.
I can't say that I disagree.
While I do love children, I don't think that every venue should be available to them. I don't believe children should be in bars, The Opera, or even evening movie showings.
I've been to movies where I've had to put up with a restless kid behind me whose attention span cannot tolerate a two hour movie geared to adults.

I agree that a couples' choice not to have children should be respected, and it's none of our business why they made that choice.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tanksgivink Click Around

So, Here's a little Charlie Brown holiday fun.
Back in the day Charles Schultz was the King of holiday cartoon specials. "It's The Great Pumpkin", was probably my favourite of the holiday cartoons.

I think that it's a little sad that most children's cartoons now revolve around selling a product, rather than just being entertainingly clever animation. It's also unfortunate that so many of the great Warner Brothers cartoons have been altered or banned because of what's considered not "politically correct", rather than seeing it as a snapshot in time, and a comment on how our society has evolved.
But, whatever...time marches on, and there are still good animated movies...just not on Saturday mornings...which Lyndon of Lyndonology points out in this post.

While we have a warm and fuzzy October clip, here's a rather depressing Thanksgiving Prayer by William Burroughs.
Though it's not American Thanksgiving, and I'm not American...Thanks for the freedom to recite a poem like that and not be stoned to death.

Beware of men whose middle names are Wayne.
I don't think I know any Waynes...but I don't know a lot of peoples' middle names.
Do you?

That was Me! Is a website dedicated to photos with strangers who found themselves posing in someone else's pictures. Some of the pictures are really funny.

This little kid is unbelievable...and who knew that the beginnings of breakdancing were so popular in India in the 1980's?

I'm a big fan of watching those spelling bee competitions. It's high drama, and the kids are amazing. I could watch spelling bees like The Mister can watch sports.
This kid is the kind of drama I'm talking about...because the pressure is strong on these young kids, but they all show incredible stamina, and determination.

Want a Ninja to do your bidding? Here's the Ninja Text Generator.

And then, last but not least...I ran across this interview that made it online after probably being edited out of some broadcast at least a decade ago. Torontonians will know that Coles Bookstore hasn't been on that corner on Yonge Street for at least ten years. (Sideline: The Mister used to work across the street from it 15 years ago)...The question was: "Should all Canadians speak French?" They meet some woman who is a total nutty freak.
It's NSFW...in fact shield your eyes.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

P.S.: Tomorrow, I'm going over to Mama's to watch some Serbian movies with her. If you've got any questions you'd like to ask, post them in my comments and I'll try to get her on film to answer them.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When a mother kills her children, she's mentally ill...when a father kills his children, he's a monster.

Why is that?

Why isn't she a monster too?

Image: Gustav Klimt

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Photo Booth

Some of you will remember the Photo Booth video that I linked to a couple of weeks ago.
Well, here's a new one. Same booth, different people:

Monday, October 02, 2006

Dear Self-Important Blue Tooth User,

I realize that in your world, you're more important than the Prime Minister or the President (because even THEY don't walk around with a cyberbox in their ears), and you need to be "connected" to whoever it is that you need to be connected to...but, I'd appreciate it if you didn't waste my time by interrupting me in mid-sentence to "take this call", because the information that I have for you is not for my benefit.

I'm sure you didn't think me rude for walking away, since it's clear to me that manners are not a priority for you.


Stumbling on Happiness...

I heard Author Daniel Gilbert interviewed yesterday, and I found his argument that:

"most of us wrongly believe that how we felt when we experienced an event in the past can be a telling predictor of how we will feel about that same event in the future".

Gilbert says that we also incorrectly imagine that how we feel about a situation we are currently experiencing, is how we will feel about it in the future. (I will never do that again!.)
We fail to realize that things look different once they actually happen.
For example, potential future events we anticipated with fear turn out to be not as terrible as we thought they'd be, or vis versa. Sometimes it's years later when we recognize that it was a good or bad thing that we didn't get what we wanted.

It got me thinking.

Like mama says, when some things happen, "It's for the best".
A little while ago, I got to the second round of interviews for a job I really wanted.
I didn't get it, and was a little bitter about it.
Last week, I found out that due to government cuts, the job I was in line for was also cut.
It really was for the best that I didn't get what I wanted.

Gibert discussed the whole concept of thinking that if we get what we want, then we'll be happy. I agree with him that it isn't necessarily the case.
He said that we often mistakenly think that we know what will make us happy.
The things that make us happy now, may not make us happy in a year, or even six months time. The goals we set to do whatever it is that we think will make us happy, may not lead us there....and if they do, it may not be what we envisaged in the first place.

I'm of the mind that happiness is fleeting.
I mean, I can feel contented, and appreciate that I have a good life without chasing "happiness" around.
I think that we often link happiness to goals or events.
Once I get that job/promotion/house/man/kid, I'll be happy.
By the time you get there, and it doesn't happen, or it does...there's something else that will make you happy....you proceed to chase your tail again.

This whole concept of perpetual happiness is really ridiculous.
But there are many people who think that happy is something you need to be all of the time.
Which is really impossible, when you think about it.

Remember that Twilight Zone episode where a small-time crook gets killed by the police during a robbery and finds himself in an afterlife where he can have anything he wants. But, he's soon bored with it because he knows the outcome of everything?....and he's going to have to live with it for eternity... in the Twilight Zone."

"Don't make yourself too complicated. Find pleasure in simple things...if you make yourself too complicated, you'll never be happy".
Quote: Uja

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime...you just might find...you get what you need"
Quote: The Rolling Stones.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Click Around

The Chalkboard Manifesto is cute, and funny.

If anyone is looking for more Goodness Gracious Me videos...maybe some that you couldn't find on YouTube...you can find them here. Since almost (if not all of them) were taken from this guy.

Anyone can write poetry...realistically...you only think that you're writing good poetry. In reality, you need to throw together a bunch of words, and those words can be read into and they can mean what you like, in accordance with your own personal experiences.
It's exercise for the brain.

Here's some sheep poetry for you. Make your own sheep poetry with The Sheep Poetry Generator.

Speaking of words, how about the origin of words?
Etymologically Speaking has a list of origins for you.

Ay Yai Yai!!!

If you're a movie freak, and I know that some of you are, The Movie Sounds Page will give you sound bites from some of your favourite movies.

What movie is this from?

Check out Children's Books of the early Soviet Era.
There's a section on The Young Pioneers.
My mother was one, and when I was a very young girl I was taken to many events that were quite "Pioneer-ish".

While many people in the West see The Young Pioneers as a Soviet recruiting tool, it was more like patriotic Girl and Boy Scouts.
Theories are innocent.
Communism was a good theory.
The problem is that humans were in charge, and most of them are too greedy, and corrupt in order to have a theory of equality successfully implemented into society.
It's the people who are in charge that are corrupt and evil, yeah?

And one last thing: