Monday, October 23, 2006

"... and the tower bells chime, "ding dong" they chime..."

I was reading this article on CBGB's closing on October 31st, and Patti Smith being the last act to play there.

Apparently, The Bowery Residents' Committee has failed to renew the lease.
I can't be sure, but I'll wager that the BRC has been working on that for a long time.
Can you imagine the noise level and commotion coming from a punk club?

Anyway, I'm looking at pictures of Patti Smith and I'm vacillating between cringing at how time has ravaged her, and respect for not giving a shit, and in not making any effort not to look like Howard Stern.

Patti was never a pretty woman, but regardless of whether a woman is pretty or not, it's still nice to see an effort being made to maintain some sort of it style, hair, clothing...something to show that you haven't been lying in a park bush with cats sucking on your hair all night.

I was never a punk, and didn't like punk music, didn't participate in the punk "movement". So, CBGB's closing down means nothing to me...but I had to laugh when I read that the owner has indicated, "plans to relocate the club to Las Vegas".

Las Vegas.
Las Vegas.

Legendary punk club.
Isn't that the ultimate sellout?