Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Click Around

The Chalkboard Manifesto is cute, and funny.

If anyone is looking for more Goodness Gracious Me videos...maybe some that you couldn't find on can find them here. Since almost (if not all of them) were taken from this guy.

Anyone can write only think that you're writing good poetry. In reality, you need to throw together a bunch of words, and those words can be read into and they can mean what you like, in accordance with your own personal experiences.
It's exercise for the brain.

Here's some sheep poetry for you. Make your own sheep poetry with The Sheep Poetry Generator.

Speaking of words, how about the origin of words?
Etymologically Speaking has a list of origins for you.

Ay Yai Yai!!!

If you're a movie freak, and I know that some of you are, The Movie Sounds Page will give you sound bites from some of your favourite movies.

What movie is this from?

Check out Children's Books of the early Soviet Era.
There's a section on The Young Pioneers.
My mother was one, and when I was a very young girl I was taken to many events that were quite "Pioneer-ish".

While many people in the West see The Young Pioneers as a Soviet recruiting tool, it was more like patriotic Girl and Boy Scouts.
Theories are innocent.
Communism was a good theory.
The problem is that humans were in charge, and most of them are too greedy, and corrupt in order to have a theory of equality successfully implemented into society.
It's the people who are in charge that are corrupt and evil, yeah?

And one last thing: