Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tanksgivink Click Around

So, Here's a little Charlie Brown holiday fun.
Back in the day Charles Schultz was the King of holiday cartoon specials. "It's The Great Pumpkin", was probably my favourite of the holiday cartoons.

I think that it's a little sad that most children's cartoons now revolve around selling a product, rather than just being entertainingly clever animation. It's also unfortunate that so many of the great Warner Brothers cartoons have been altered or banned because of what's considered not "politically correct", rather than seeing it as a snapshot in time, and a comment on how our society has evolved.
But, whatever...time marches on, and there are still good animated movies...just not on Saturday mornings...which Lyndon of Lyndonology points out in this post.

While we have a warm and fuzzy October clip, here's a rather depressing Thanksgiving Prayer by William Burroughs.
Though it's not American Thanksgiving, and I'm not American...Thanks for the freedom to recite a poem like that and not be stoned to death.

Beware of men whose middle names are Wayne.
I don't think I know any Waynes...but I don't know a lot of peoples' middle names.
Do you?

That was Me! Is a website dedicated to photos with strangers who found themselves posing in someone else's pictures. Some of the pictures are really funny.

This little kid is unbelievable...and who knew that the beginnings of breakdancing were so popular in India in the 1980's?

I'm a big fan of watching those spelling bee competitions. It's high drama, and the kids are amazing. I could watch spelling bees like The Mister can watch sports.
This kid is the kind of drama I'm talking about...because the pressure is strong on these young kids, but they all show incredible stamina, and determination.

Want a Ninja to do your bidding? Here's the Ninja Text Generator.

And then, last but not least...I ran across this interview that made it online after probably being edited out of some broadcast at least a decade ago. Torontonians will know that Coles Bookstore hasn't been on that corner on Yonge Street for at least ten years. (Sideline: The Mister used to work across the street from it 15 years ago)...The question was: "Should all Canadians speak French?" They meet some woman who is a total nutty freak.
It's fact shield your eyes.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

P.S.: Tomorrow, I'm going over to Mama's to watch some Serbian movies with her. If you've got any questions you'd like to ask, post them in my comments and I'll try to get her on film to answer them.