Monday, October 09, 2006

The Childless Revolution

More and more people are choosing not to have children.
It's interesting how many people view couples who choose not to have kids.

DINKS (Dual Income No Kids) are often viewed as selfish, or simply not normal. I think women often get the most criticism for deciding not to have children.
The assumption is that there is "something wrong" with a woman who's not interested in being a mother.

Frankly, I have more respect for a woman who realizes and admits that she's not up to the task of being a parent, than for the woman who has children, and doesn't take the job seriously.
The reality is that there are many reasons that women end up with children, and it isn't always because they love and want them.

While childless groups are now on the rise, many people view these groups as "anti-kid".
But, the groups I've read about are more concerned with having friends who choose their lifestyle and aren't judging them, as well as advocating for "childfree" venues.
I ran across this broadcast from 2004 aired on a Boston radio show discussing all sides of the coin when it comes to having, and not having children.
It's a 45 minute clip on RealPlayer, and it's worth listening to.

Parents and Non-parents are interviewed for their choices where children are concerned, and not so surprisingly, there are many couples with children who are advocating for "childfree" zones.
They state that there used to be places where people could go without having to deal with fidgety children, now even The Opera or bars are allowing children in.
One parent stated that when she and her husband pay a babysitter $14 an hour to get away for some "adult time" and go to a pricey restaurant for dinner, they don't want to deal with your child running up and down the aisles between tables.
I can't say that I disagree.
While I do love children, I don't think that every venue should be available to them. I don't believe children should be in bars, The Opera, or even evening movie showings.
I've been to movies where I've had to put up with a restless kid behind me whose attention span cannot tolerate a two hour movie geared to adults.

I agree that a couples' choice not to have children should be respected, and it's none of our business why they made that choice.