Monday, October 30, 2006

Ever been in line behind someone who takes up a lot of space?

Someone who is ahead of you in line, say at the bank...or the grocery store...or the lunch counter...and every time you think they're about to be done and go away, in think they're gone forever...but then, they come back and jump in front as though their spot at the head of the line is permanent?

The person who walked away from the Bank Teller that comes back and interrupts your transaction to ask a question or query their transaction as though they shouldn't have to wait politely until you're done?

The person who butts in line at the grocery store to "just return this" or just inquire about some groceries she left there yesterday?

The person who comes back for "oh, just another double, double", instead of lining up again?

Have I ever been this person?
Have you?