Saturday, October 21, 2006

Every Dog Has It's Day...

Peter MacKay calls ex-girlfriend Belinda Stronach "a dog" in Parliament.

I've been checking out the headlines for "Dog-gate".

Fur Flies in 'dog' debate

MacKay in doghouse over Stronach slur

'Dogged' by contraversy

Belinda not laying down

Political debate has gone to the dogs

Mackay refuses to throw Stronach a bone

MacKay continues to be dogged by his comment

Stronach licking her wounds

Who's your doggy?

Putting the MAC in MacKay

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Give a dog a rest

Stronach barking up the wrong tree

It's a Dog Eat Dog world out there!

A boy and his dog

Stronach sniffing around for an apology

The Bitch is back