Thursday, October 12, 2006

The rush to blame anyone but the mother in the Campione case begins.

So, now reports of Children's Aid involvement in the case of the mother who murdered her two young children, and how:
"Inquests have shown that time and time again, child-care workers identify too closely with the mother's needs to the detriment of the vulnerable children involved".

The fact that:
"Ms. Campione and her husband, Leo, whom she had accused of assault and threatening, were going through a bitter custody battle. As a result of those unproven charges, Mr. Campione was under a restraining order that prohibited him from being alone with his children".

Once again, the bias on behalf of the mother, regardless of how at work here.

To blame CAS workers is a bit of a stretch for me.
Social workers have to go by the information that is available to them.
Through the courts, and the control of information through Lawyers.

Now, after the fact, we can interview the neighbours, and family friends, and the father, and the inlaws...and we're listening.
While the custody case was in full swing, and the children were alive, I'll bet cash money nobody gave a shit about what the father, or his parents had to say about the mum's mental stability.

Now, it's Children's Aid's fault that she killed them, because they didn't work on behalf of the father. Meanwhile, child custody laws are slanted in favour of the mother...even if she's crazy.

So rather than look at that big and messy problem in the courts regarding custody, and's just much easier to blame the peon Social Workers for carrying out the job that their hands have been tied by the courts to do.

That's right.
It's fucked up.

I said it.