Thursday, October 12, 2006

This morning while going through my "coffee and online news" ritual, I ran across this post on YouTubers at Cynical-C.

In the little segment, one of the YouTubers says that YouTube is like crack, a bit of an addiction. Well, for a people watcher like me, it totally is.
People are interesting. The reasons that they post video blogs is sometimes interesting, sometimes stupid, sometimes funny, and sometimes very thought provoking.

Take for example a YouTube poster who goes by the name of Mr. Pregnant.
For the most part, his video blogs are just him being a jackass, and for me mostly unwatchable....but, on occasion...he can be quite provocative.

Take for example his video blog called: "I am White"

He rants about the gulf between West Indians and African Americans.
This is something that is quite seditious.
Mr. Pregnant pulls out all the stops in this video blog and engages in an angry, sardonic jab at African Americans.
Really way out.

And then comes back in reply to the angry comments with "What is Racism?" that is really worth watching.

This kind of thing is what makes YouTube so fascinating for me.
People. People. People....