Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another Episode of STFU

So, I read that a suicide prevention group is protesting a GM commercial that was aired during the Super Bowl.
The commercial shows a robot at a GM plant's downward spiral into depression...A robot.
Apparently, the general public is too weak in the knees, and soft in the brain to tell the difference between reality and fiction.
We need these politically correct special interest groups to keep us from viewing things that might give us ideas.

It's this kind of shit that has kept a whole lot of people employed. There are always people waiting on their haunches to spring up and be offended.
As though not talking about suicide unless it's in a somber way is going to change any statistics.

Here's the ad:

The ad isn't great or anything, and if this group hadn't have protested it, I wouldn't even have noticed it's existence.
Why attack only GM?
Why not IKEA?

Remember their sad lamp commercial?

Maybe more energy should be pointed toward important reasons for suicide.
Mental health issues, and stop with the PETA approach to protesting.