Thursday, February 22, 2007


So, with all the panic in this city when a snowstorm is on it's way, it's funny when we get blindsided.
This morning, the snow came so hard and fast that even the Dufferin/Peel District school board didn't have time to cancel buses...LOL, and they'll cancel buses and close schools at the mere mention of the coming of snow...pussies.

This morning, one of our neighbours who drives a snow plow drove up and down the street cleaning driveways that didn't have cars in them. It's not the first time he's done this.
It's these kinds of random acts of kindness that we could all make an effort to do.

Thanks neighbour!

And then...all this fuss about Prince Harry going to war. In my opinion, he should. He represents England, England is involved he should go.
If the children of more leaders had to go into combat, there might be less panting to rush into countries to assert power over them.
George Bushes daughters should have to go to Iraq as far as I'm concerned...because if anyone needs to go into war, it's the children of those who wage it.
Old school style.

That's all.