Monday, February 12, 2007

Howard K. Stern is grief stricken!

"He got paid $1 million for this. $1 million. Everytime he puts his hands to his face it's because he's about to break out in laughter. I'm not saying he killed Anna Nicole Smith, but he could be twirling a handlebar mustache and it'd look less suspicious than this."

So says The Superficial.

Meanwhile, back at the surface of Anna and the Bahamian Immigration Minister in bed.


Who can keep up?

I mean, you've got to hand it to a woman that can function at that rate with alcohol, meth, trimspa, Slimfast and a host of other illegal drugs in her...
...meanwhile, I'm out on a glass of Shiraz.


What with Zsa Zsa's husband claiming possible paternity and a decade long affair, the dicussion around "adopting" Anna...except for that pesky Zsa Zsa refusing to sign the papers!

Really, the only thing missing is circus music and a guy with a top hat and handlebar mustache swinging a lasso.