Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Down Among the Women

Funkaoshi posted this link to the Family Responsibility Office and their new initiative to get deadbeat dads to pay.
Firstly, good parents don't have to be chased.
Dogs do, and usually...people like that are worth keeping out of a kids life anyway.

Anyhow, I looked through all of the 20 or so profiles on that site, and most of them were in transient lines of work. "construction", "warehouse", some of them were even last seen as far as Iran for Godssake.

Here's what I know:

I know that the FRO treats good Dads like shit.
I know that if you're a non-custodial father, whomever answers the phone (if you can get through at all) will treat you, and speak to you like you're a deadbeat, whether you're calling to ask a simple question, or to inquire about why you're suddenly being accused of late payments even though you've been paying on time.
I know that they take the non-custodial parent (especially if it's a woman) at their word, she won't have to prove anything...it will be up to the non-custodial to prove the accusations untrue...and all that at a cost to the non-custodial.
I know that if you want the FRO to show an overpayment on their file on you, you'll have to pay the office almost $100 to have it show that you've contributed more than was required of you. Meanwhile, there are men and women who don't pay support and work under the table, and "there's nothing to be done".
I know that there are men paying child support who are not allowed to see their kids, or only see them when their ex isn't angry with them.
So, yeah...put up a website with pictures of guys who are probably not even in the province, or even the country...and you look like you're doing something besides skinning good fish in a barrel...meanwhile my deadbeat ex brother-in-law works, owns a house and is raising a new family (including 3 kids who aren't his) right in this city, without ever having to pay a red cent in child support to my niece.
But you can't say anything about the FRO.
Women's groups lose their fucking minds.
Ottawa says that True Deadbeat Dads are few.
Maybe that's why there are only 20 guys on that website.
There is no end to terrible stories of divorce and what happens when families separate and have to sort out financial and emotional problems, but to paint women as martyrs is an insult to average intelligence. I've known women who have denied access to their children's fathers simply because they didn't like the fact that they were dating someone, or because they still have an axe to grind over the failed relationship.
I knew a woman who was so determined to hurt her ex that she refused to comply with the courts ruling and let her children's father see them. She even refused the child support to keep him out of their lives, at a great loss to her children.
Let's not pretend that all women are angelic, selfless beings with only the kids best interests at heart.
Stop treating non-custodial Dads like shit and maybe there would be fewer of them.
Nah, who am I kidding?
If you're a piece of shit, then you're a piece of shit and won't take care of your kids whether they chase you or not. It makes no difference. Ask my ex-brother-in-law or my own father.
But frankly, they were worth paying to keep them out of our lives.

The next thing is single women who dispense advice about marriage.
Shut. Up.
Until you're in a relationship longer than a couple of years, and have combined your finances, family and property...grown up with children...and gone through a few "rough patches" with your partner, you have absolutely fuck all to say about it.

P.S.: Kobe Bryant speaks Italian NOT Serbian...so stop with the searches already!