Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Click Around


I'm generally not a big fan of graffiti. Unless your graffiti looks like Banksy's or is done by someone with talent, and it looks like art with a real statement...well then, it's just vandalism.
I know that a lot of kids think that tagging shit in hard to reach places is making some sort of statement, but's just stupid, and dangerous, as Toronto Tagger Bardia found out.

What I find amusing is that there are a number of turbo urban hipsters who really take this shit seriously.
The most interesting thing I find, is that most of the hardcore, urban hipsters I've met grew up in the suburbs, or a small town. 
Ironic, don't you think? 
Written on the City has some art, but mostly just words written on walls. Many of which aren't even very clever.

The Mister was telling me about The Chicago Bulls male cheerleading team, The Matadors. I looked them up and they're hilarious. I think the concept of cheerleaders that look like most of the fans is brilliant.

The concept of young female soldiers is quite compelling, and provocative. Here are some pictures of mostly Israeli soldiers.

Discount stores of the 60's has great pictures of strip malls from that era. Pictures of stores that I had forgotten existed, like Kresgies and Woolco.
While we're on that era...yesterday I did that whole 70's thing, and later I found this clip from The Courtship of Eddies Father. Who is the little girl(now famous adult) that socks Eddie in the eye?
And then I found another movie that Mrs. Livingston (Miyoshi Umeki) was in, that I remember watching when I was a little girl called Flower Drum Song. Here's another clip from Flower Drum's another version of "I enjoy being a girl".
From that, I was reminded of The World of Suzie Wong, and here's a clip from that.

Ever wonder if Mike Tyson actually is insane? Well, wonder no more!
Here's a little video of Mikes Greatest Moments in the World of Interviews.

Do you know someone who suffers from MCT?

Here's a little video on Urban Base Jumping that I found over at Funkoashi earlier this week. I know that a lot of people are impressed with this kind of thrillseeking behaviour. I'm not.
When this asshole gets caught on the end of a beam by his balls, or severs his spinal cord, or lands on the Gardiner Expressway instead of a parking lot, it's going to be our tax and health care dollars going to his recovery. While EMS workers or The Canadian Cormorant are struggling to save his ass, someone else who actually didn't do something on purpose to hurt themselves might need help. I urge you to watch the movie Murderball to hear some stories of former thrillseekers who are now permanently confined to wheelchairs.

How to be the perfect boyfriend.

That's it kids...