Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cleopatra wasn't attractive.

It's come to light that Cleo didn't actually look like Elizabeth Taylor!
Turns out the movie industry totally exaggerated her beauty.
What next?
No Santa?

"Ernst Zundel was convicted of 14 counts of incitement Thursday for Holocaust denial and sentenced to the maximum five years in prison."

Turns out that Germany is just as  intolerant of hate mongers as Canada. Zundel may be forced to move to Argentina to be with 
his Nazi friends.

Buzz Hargrove actually believes that it's international trade policies that are killing the American Auto
It can't be that they can't produce a reliable, affordable vehicle or that their overpaid, overcoddled employee policies that are making them less competitive.
Yeah, it's all about foreign trade.
Just wait until China enters the market, you can say goodbye to your job, Buzz.
Who's going to buy bloated Chrysler?
Gimme a break.

Turns out that shitting where you eat is not a good idea.