Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cooking with Narnia

Late this afternoon, The Mister and me went out for a Valentine "Lupper". What's wonderful about having an early dinner on Valentine's Day is that you have a nice quiet meal, instead of the packed, noisy restaurant of Valentine's evening.
When we were leaving, the restaurant was just starting to fill up.

We went to Miga Korean Japanese BBQ in Mississauga.
It was wonderful.  
The picture to your left is from a Korean BBQ we frequent in Markham, and much more casual, as well as was not taken at Miga.

Our server was named "Narnia". No kidding. Narnia was totally adorable in her little crisp shirt and apron, and she did most of the cooking for us.  And when she wasn't around, another server would stop and turn our meat for of the servers totally looked like my cousin Tanja, if she were Asian. Have you ever seen someone in passing that looked like someone you know...if they were a different race? I love that.

The food was excellent.
The service extremely attentive without being intrusive.

I don't think Narnia spoke a lot of English, because some questions I asked her were met with a friendly, yet blank expression...but when The Mister was having trouble picking something up with his chopsticks, and I said "watch, watch" to Narnia...she smiled and said "good job!" when he got it on his plate without dropping it.

We'll be going back for sure.
Excellent food, wonderful service, and reasonably priced.
We were stuffed full of Korean/Japanese goodness along with Japanese "Sopporo" beer for The Mister for $70.

Not bad at all.

P.S.: The ladies was beautiful, and spot. less.