Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's a Dog's Life

While surfing around I found this interesting little entry at La Vida Vica.

Vica says that there are two types of women:

Women are either cats

"Cats flaunt themselves - frequently while destroying something like carpeting or curtains. When bored, they chew through the earbud cords for your iPod or pull all of your ties off the rack in the closet. And men love these infuriating behaviors. Despite the massive historical precedent that dogs are man's best friend, cats are apparently their lovers".

or Dogs
"Dogs on the other hand love you faithfully. In fact, they can't imagine life without you. They come running each evening when you open the door to the apartment. Dogs will sit silently with you, their chin resting on your thigh while you channelsurf in the La-Z-Boy. Dogs have no shame about how much they want you".

I find this interesting.

The upside is that even dogs will eventually attack if they've been abused for long enough.