Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Click Around

Yo Momma jokes have been around for a long time.
"Yo Momma so ugly that when she comes into the kitchen, the rats jump on the table".
"Yo Momma so fat that when she dances at a wedding, the band skips".
"Yo Momma so black, when she gets out the car, the oil light comes on"
...and so on.
I've been watching MTV's Yo Momma battles on YouTube, and laughing my ass off.

How small minded am I?

Here's skinny little whitey Hair Jordan whupping ass.
Here's Yo Momma in NYC.
Here's a little joke history on The History of Yo Momma Jokes.
Gerry Dee is in this video, and if you ever get a chance to see him live, GO! His stand up act is hilarious.
Here's some Yo Momma goodness from MadTV back in 1994, with Chris Tucker and Debra Wilson.

A couple of years ago when Dove launched their Campaign for Real Beauty, I wasn't really onboard because I thought that they were just taking advantage of marketing to aging baby boomers, but in the end...even if they are, it's a good campaign. I guess I'm just not used to advertisers selling real people in place of fantasy. Here's Dove's Dream Team Winners and their stories. It's just nice to see some real people in advertising for a change.

Given the field I'm in, I shouldn't find this funny...but I do. I do

There's been a little discussion around "Inat", and it's meaning recently. I've talked about it before in passing, and linked to Anna's post last week, as well as Aleksandra Kovac's explanation last week. Then I noticed that Funkaoshi posted about Inat and Tarouf last week. Serbs also practice tarouf, but we have no name that I know of for it...but it exists in our culture. It's the same mentality that tells you when you walk in the door..."no, no...leave your shoes on..." but know better. "'t bring anything....", but when you do it's accepted with expectation. Here is Aysela singing "Teram Inat" ("pushing", "forcing" or "chasing" inat, I can't think of another word for's one of those words that is hard to translate.)
While we're on the topic of Serbian's a download site that I thoroughly took advantage of recently from SerbianPlanet.

While my blog is not a political blog, I still encourage you to sign this petition against the Independence of Kosovo.
I know that most people don't care, but for those of us that do, and have family still living in the forgotten war's important.

On a lighter note, while we're in the East, let's check out some bellydancing.

For all you Hasselhoff fans, here's Wax on Wax Hoff for your gaming pleasure.

For those of you that missed the SuperBowl commercials, here they are. (they weren't that great).

I love stuff from the '60's, '70's, and '80's... so here is Ska Dancers , The Message, and Soul Train. Enjoy!
I watch those videos and wonder about the people in them.
The Ska Dancers video could have The Misters mother partying up right there with them.
She's in her 70's now and she could still salsa you under the table, son.

Here's a little video from All About U, it was filmed in front of a convenience store I pass almost every day. I quite like them too...I found it at Lydonology. Who lives in the 'hood.

Ever wonder what Serbian models look like? Wonder no more!

Commercials are funny. The Mister and me used to go to The Groaning Board on Jarvis many years ago to have dinner and watch award winning commercials from all over the world. The Groaning Board is no more....but the commercials still keep coming. Like this one, and this one, and this one. Not that you even remember the product....

I've got a sense of humour. Really I do...but this guy needs a slap in the head.

Grumpy, Bald Scotsman Mark Day weighs in on Anna Nicole.

Punk in Suburbia weighs in on Anna Nicole as well

I'm rooting for Chris Sligh on American Idol
Really, I am.
He's good, and he's not plastic looking.

Ok, kids...I think that's all.