Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Click Around

The other night, I was waiting for some food at a local Jerk place, and I read most of the article in Macleans Magazine by Celia Rivenbark author of Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like A Skank. It's nothing I haven't pondered before, but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.
Here is Celia interviewed by Macleans. The whole Bratz phenomenon freaks me out, and they sport a look that is even harder to attain than Barbie's was.
In the article, Ms. Rivenbark points out the whole porn/fantasy/pedophile thing by mentioning the Catholic Schoolgirl look that is favoured in men's sexual illusions. She mentioned Sante D'Orazio's fashion photography that played on this theme. So, of course I had to go home and look him up. Here's his site.

Anna from Blackbird did a post on her father and discussed "Inat", which is something I've noticed every Serb I've ever met has. Here is an excellent little synopsis of why Serbs have it by Aleksandra Kovac.

While I was at the Dentist last week, he was playing Billie Holiday...and I was loving it...did I mention how much I love my Dentist? I did once, here. Anyway, the Hygienist at one point said, "Oh my God! This music is soooo depressing" as Billie crooned "In my haunt me...with memories of days gone by...". After I left, I really wanted to pull out my old Billie Holiday and keep listening. In the meantime, I also started thinking of others...Billie, Ella, Bessie, Sarah, as well as Edith. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I found this pretty funny.

I know this is wrong, especially with what I do for a living...but still...I laughed.

I'm a little confused with the whole frat thing...but here's the UofT Lambdas Step Team. Other than adding to the whole clique culture of schools, I don't understand fraternities.

I'm posting this because this guy walks through the neighbourhood I grew up in. Points out my old street, and walks the "strip" I'm quite familiar with.
It's still more of a neighbourhood than the ghetto he wishes to portray it as. It's got pockets of ghetto, but people who live in real ghettos will recognize that it's not the burned out buildings and garbage that areas I've driven through in the states are. But, it's still part of Parkdale.

Mad Cow...likes to Moooove it.

Make your influence positive.

And last but not least...I cried right along with Matt Sato when he called his mom to tell her that he made it to the next round.
Doesn't he kind of remind you of a young Ryan Phillippe?