Monday, February 19, 2007

Conversation with Mama

"Ya, so Danica's daughter Tanja iz 25 an, she still no marry".

"So what?"

"Vell, she hev da boy she like, an dey suppose to marry...bah he vant her to move to Bosna..det's ver he from, an Buda (Tanja's father) no let her".

"What? Why?"

"Tanja hev her ovn business, she's da hairdresser..she hev da business in Becej, an da parents to help...she don need to move so far from dem"

"No, but what does Buda have to do with her decision?"

"Da boy's femily is very old feshion"


"Da madder, she vash da feet from everybody before dey kam in da houz"


"So, Buda iz no sendink his daughter who hev da buziness, an ken tekka ker aff herself to go an vash da feet of da people in Bosna".

"So? She can go if she wants to and if she doesn't want to wash feet, she doesn't have to"
(I can't believe I'm even having this conversation!)

"Vai mekka da trouble? Bedde no go attall".