Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Longing for Summer

Since today was balmy compared to the deep freeze we've been in recently...I am reminded of, and long for the summer and evenings in our backyard.
The Mister puts up our tent, and twinkly little lights inside...and we spend our evenings outside in the spring and summer BBQing, lighting the outdoor fireplace, and just sitting and talking late into the evening.

I long for this to start again.

Evenings with friends, and the warmth of summer, and the warm breeze and scents of herbs...oh, how I am yearning for that.

It's interesting how certain things stick with a person.
These were the summer evenings of my childhood.
The squeeking of the kapija, the smell of chamomile, the tinkling of glasses and laughter of family under the grapevines in my grandfathers garden.

Now, as an adult...The Mister re-creates that feeling when he plants chamomile for me by our tent, and strings the lights under it.

Oh, summer...I miss you so.