Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Click Around

These past few days I've been guest blogging over at, and I've been having a ball just posting things that I come across.

I'll post some of my favourites here, plus some.
The image to your right is from InsaneFlash.
I just thought it was funny. Apparently, the father in the photo is Jim Bob Duggar he was an Arkansas State Representative.

Mr. Sulu responds to Mr. Hardaway's homophobia from Glacia.

Sometimes reverse psychology just doesn't work.

Surrender to your new Leader.
(Someone has a lot of time on their hands)

Here's a culture remix of Hip Hop Dancers and Serbian Folklore music...laugh?
I thought I'd die. Thanks Anna.
While we're on Serbs, let's check out Boban Majstor Violine! As well as My Humps (Serbian Parody).

Cheat'n husband? Move to Uglyville!

Moslem chicks like to shake it too!

I love little crabs, I think they're really cute...that's why I thought this commecial was funny...until the end.

This guy takes a job at a Pizzaria, and then gets punk'd.

Zeki Müren looks like the Turkish Liberace to me, and I quite like his music..he looks like my great auntie Zorica. Apparently, he's a trailblazer in helping Turks become more tolerant of  more openly gay/transsexual Turkish artists like Bülent Ersoy, Fatih Ürek and others.

Earlier this week I saw that video of rats running rampant through a Greenwich Village KFC, and I cringed through the whole thing. It made me ok with cooking and never eating out ever again!
While I was watching it, all I heard in my head was UB40's "Rat in Mi Kitchen".
While we're on UB40, here's one of my favourite UB40 songs, "If it Happens Again".

Since we're talking about favourites, American Idol is winding down to the time when I bow out of watching. Once they get to the finalists, I'm no longer interested.
The other night when Amy Krebs was voted off, I cried just a little (along with many of the contestants). Not because she sang "I Can't Make You Love Me", by Bonnie Raitt. (and that song makes me shed a tear whenever I hear it) But, because when it was time for her to sing, she asked if she could sing another song, and when she was told "no" she rolled her eyes and mouthed a silent little "fuck", and then proceeded to sing the song better, and more heartfelt than she did the first time.  It was the wrong song for her. 
Hell, it's the wrong song for Bonnie Raitt and she wrote it!
Whenever I hear that song, I long to hear a black womans soulfoul, strong voice singing it. Prince did an excellent version if you ever get a chance.
As for American Idol, I only care about Chris SlighLakisha Jones, and Sanjaya Malakar,...the rest...meh...who cares? 

I'm done.